Driving Highway 101 with Kids – Giant Redwoods

Remember us? Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; this has been a crazy month for us. Kyle’s video game is officially complete, so he was able to take some time off work and we took advantage of it. Not everything went as planned (roof rat infestation in the garage), but things were crossed off the list (kids are currently sleeping in bunk beds). However, the BIG EVENT was our 10 day camping trip up the coast along Highway 101.

Kyle has been dieing to get in the camper and just go, so that’s what we did…after some tweaking. At first, we thought we would head south to AZ and NM, thinking that South = Warm. But after taking a look at the weather, we realized that the coast would give us the warmest nights, albeit highs in the 30′s. So Kyle did some mods to the Roo (more on those later) to ensure that everyone would be warm and toasty and we headed north to see the Giant Redwoods.

The first day out, I used some travel app to find a cool place to eat lunch along side the road. It said there was a wrist wrestling monument in Petaluma and it had a picture of it similar to this.

In my mind I was picturing something like The Awakening that the kids could climb all over while we ate our little sack lunch. In stead, this is what we got. Fortunately, not all our stops were this underwhelming.

We drove until it was dark and stopped for the first night in Benbow, CA. The next morning, we woke up to an absolutely gorgeous day and enjoyed driving the awe inspiring Avenue of the Giants. After staying at the Vacation House in Pepperwood 2 years ago (when Jessie was Buzz’s age), it became one of Kyle’s favorite places. It’s hard to get a grasp on just how big these trees are, but take a look at our drive on the 101.

It truly is one of the most incredible places on earth. You cannot help but stand in awe at God’s greatness when you’re standing at the base of these trees, feeling like you’re in a real life Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. But we couldn’t stay long, we were just passing through…headed north to see what we could see.

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